Your Eyes Song Ver. (Prod. by Rest Less)

by Mante!

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This is the song version of Your Eyes produced by Rest Less. You can also check this song out on soundcloud.


Your Eyes (x5) They Lie (x5)

Your eyes they lie when you cry I don't know why (but I feel all dark inside waiting on you to turn me) I run I hide but you find my scent everywhere (the way you persuade me is getting so crazy)

Why do I feel all the strange things that you're doing to me? I let you ride off into the wind with my sanity and now I'm just crashing down down down into the Earth, hard and fast so it doesn't hurt when I die of the shame the you brought for me the shame that you sought for me, I wonder why it's hard to breathe. You're not even choking me. Maybe it's all in my mind but I can't wake up from this dream. Someone save me I thought I was waking, but now I see I'm actually fainting. Is it really true that my mind is breaking I'm faking that's what I've been told. It's quaking my small fragile soul. Now I'm cold and everything seems gone. Everytime I think about, I feel sicker when I think about it. I sink without it, after so many years I can't sleep without it. No matter what you tell me I don't seem to doubt it. All I really know is...

Your eyes (x5) They lie (x5)

Giving my all to you is one thing, but never getting it back that's another story. You wore me then destroyed me like a toy you played with in your childhood days. Now I'm off to the side, stranded with no way to rejuvenate my soul. It's gone. I've become a rolling stone. Even when surrounded by friends I sometimes feel like I'm on my own, but I told my friends I fear I'd get disowned. No one likes a downer, no one likes a leech. That's how I feel sometimes, can you really blame me? Lately my thoughts have made me so crazy. The paranoia has become insane, like there's a virus lodged inside my brain. It's got me chained and I can't wait to escape the gritty hold that has me in it's reign. I'm hoping when I break away that I'm in one piece, but even through shattered glass you can still see. I don't know the reason your eyes are fixated on me, but I can say I won't suffer defeat. Living my life tied down to the things you've always told me, you've always showed me. I'm ready to become another person if you let me cause I'm willing if you're willing, but you always play the villain, it's your eyes


released February 9, 2017
Rest Less: Instrumental, Production
Mante: Vocals, Lyrics



all rights reserved


Mante! Grand Rapids, Michigan

I make music because I enjoy it. Simple as that. If you like my music, feel free to download it, and share it with friends.

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